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PPPs, Rides & Routes

There are currently 21 private parking places and we hope to continue to establish more.


What is a PPP?  It is a Private Parking Place especially for WBRA members. Parking has been arranged via the WBRA, the farmer or landowner to enable you the rider to go off and explore the bridleway network in a different area.

We issue parking passes which must be displayed in your vehicle whilst you ride from one of our sites, this way the landowner knows that he can be assured of a response should a problem arise. We have looked at destinations where there are multi choice routes you can take, so get out there and enjoy the facility of riding somewhere completely new.


If you have or know of a good riding area for bridleways and might be able to arrange parking then please let us know.. this is the essence of how the PPP system works. We need riders to use our rides provided but also help create rides in their area if possible.  This way the network can grow and be maintained for all to enjoy.


Please remember, the PPP's are on someones property or business, so be courteous and make sure that you tidy up after your ride, especially droppings and loose hay, and if the PPP is a public house, take advantage of the refreshments they offer (but make sure no muddy boots).

Always ring before you go, to make sure it is convenient, and display your membership PPP permit clearly in the windscreen.

Park carefully, taking up as little space as possible, and if there are grassy areas, keep horses off these please.


Details can be found below, with 6 on each page.


In 2012 we were delighted to launch our new Route Mapping scheme.


So many times we hear from our members that they love the idea of what the WBRA is all about but they are not confident enough to go and use the PPP by themselves to have a ride out. They love the escorted rides but do not feel self assured enough to go into the unknown without a guide. We have now recognised that not everyone has the confidence to read maps and so we have drafted up some routes from each of the PPP’s. There is a choice of maps or written instructions. Each route is a circular route, and can be ridden in either direction. You would just have to read the written instructions in reverse order!


It is the aim of the WBRA to increase the choice of routes from each PPP as time goes by. We want our members to go out and enjoy the countryside and their membership to the WBRA, with the security that there is a route to follow. We will be asking members to send in their routes if they know of different ones, so we can add them to the portfolio. It would be fabulous if we could create a database of routes so that everyone can enjoy the bridlepaths in Worcestershire.