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Worcestershire Bridleways & Riders Association

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WBRA Membership

Single (Annual) Membership    £8.00


Your membership package will include :

Parking Pass

Route Direction cards

Wyre Forest

From 1st of January 2019, the WBRA will on longer administer the Wyre Hatband scheme.


From this date, this will be administered by the Foresrty Commission via their Equestrian Discovery Pass.


Please see Wyre Page for further information.

Membership of the WBRA falls due on the 1st January each year, running January to December each year. You can either download the form by clicking on the link below, or pay via PayPal. Due to PayPal costs, we have had to add a surcharge to the membership costs if you use this option.


If you are renewing your Wyre Forest hatband, YOU MUST return your previous year’s hatband to Lesley in order to get a new hatband for the current year. The envelope MUST have a LARGE stamp on it. There will be a refundable deposit of £10 for the hatbands this applies for both new and existing members. This deposit will be returned when you tell us no longer wish to use the Wyre and have returned your hatband.


Please note that Life membership is no longer available, but existing Life memberships will remain the same.


If you are purchasing membership for someone else as a gift, at the present time, please use the membership form option as the Paypal option is not working correctly currently. Thank you.




Active from 1st December 2017