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Horse Access Campaign UK

Recently, the WBRA received information of this new group (HAC UK) which has been set up to be:


A single voice for horse access. HAC UK has been set up to bring together all those organisations and individuals working for or supporting the provision of safe inclusive access routes and networks for the horse. Groups, organisations, individual riders, carriage drivers, horse owners and others are asked to support HAC UK to create a single powerful campaign lobby to demonstrate that we are not the minority we are perceived to be.


This was discussed at the next committee meeting, and your committee agreed this was a very worthy group, and would be fully supporting HAC and it's aims. It was also felt WBRA members might also wish to join the group, which is lobbying to improve access to off road riding for everyone of us.


This is the information we received from the founder.


The Horse Access campaign has been launched on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/HorseAccessUK/


HAC UK will work, lobby and campaign nationally for safe access routes and networks for the horse.


HAC UK invites you / your organisation to join this urgent national campaign to get the horse’s voice listened to and acted upon by Government and Local Government by:-


·         Encouraging your  individual members to join – numbers do count – let’s make this voice powerful and strong


·         Posting your support on the page with organisation logo


·         By linking your group to HAC UK


HAC UK is asking all horse and other access organisations, access officers, and interested individuals to join together in one inclusive powerful national lobby movement to support, encourage, educate and inspire all horse riders, owners and others to campaign and for the creation a fully inclusive safe multi-user national network of connecting routes and to share information, updates and to share your experiences and ask questions.


This action has been taken following a meeting between concerned representatives from The Byway and Bridleway Trust, the National Federation of Bridleways Associations, The Trails Trust, Better Tracks Better Trails, Bucks and Wadey, a Local Access Forum and the British Horse Society (Access) – who together have a wealth of rights of way experience and geographical coverage.


HAC UK has sets out six lobby points which would extend, restore and create a safe network of countryside and urban multi user (foot, horse, cycle) routes.


Six lobby points were broadly agreed as being central to access aspirations.


1. Improving road safety on roads that form part of the network

2. Extending inclusive multi user access on existing routes where horses are not currently included

3. Ensuring public good for public subsidies (particular reference to the Agriculture Bill)

4. Extending access through route creation

5. Restoring historical routes

6. Recording / ensuring the use of unsealed unclassified county roads




HAC UK fully supports the efforts of all existing access organisations, individuals and road safety groups, HAC UK does not aim to supplant any of this amazing work.  HAC UK aims to draw everyone together and forward into a better future for access.

In addition to this, the committee have also discussed the recently announced  Agriculture Bill 2017-19 (HC Bill 266) - published on 12 September 2018.


It was agree the chairman would submit a response from the WBRA, (see copy here), but all members are encouraged to submit their own response to ensure that horse riders needs are incorporated into any eventual act of parliament, and there is improved access to safe off-road riding provision made.


Please send your comments and evidence to this email address: [email protected]