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The Hanbury Hack

Towards the end of 2012, Camilla spent a long time devising a circular route that could be done in a day. It also has two options and at least a couple of pubs en route!


It is set around our Hanbury parking place and we have named it the Hanbury Hack. It is based in a figure of eight and stretches from Bradley Green, to Morton Underhill to Astwood Bank, up to Elcocks brook , Upper Bentley and Ditchford.


The whole route is 21 miles but can be split into two circular routes of 11 and 12.5 or 14.0 miles respectively. There is fantastic countryside in that area of Worcestershire and it is a well-known hunting area. What better way to spend the day than with your horse?!!


You have a choice of three rides, all of which are just that bit longer than we would normally do on an escorted ride. We hope to do a launch ride as soon as we can, once the weather has improved sufficiently. But please feel free to explore our new route using the maps that can be downloaded below.

Hanbury Hack

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