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Distance Awards Scheme

We are pleased to announce a Distance Rewards Scheme to start in 2013. This is not a competition against others, but a recognition for yourself as to how far you have ridden with your horse. I think you will be surprised how many miles we clock up each year, and we thought it would be fun to present rosettes on an annual basis for mileage accumulated, purely with the WBRA.


As from January 1st, any rider attending an escorted ride will gain one point per mile of ride completed. Over the year, from January to December, (and this does include rides that have already taken place this year), the number of points accumulated will be collated by WBRA, and the rosettes will be award at next year’s AGM.  The scheme continues into 2014 and onwards and so you build up your points levels over the years.


The scheme will only apply to escorted rides that have been advertised on the website.


It is all a bit of fun, but hopefully it will encourage members to go out and about more than ever. We are always looking for ride escorts and if you are interested in taking a ride, please contact any one of the committee. As a ride leader you get double points, so you never know – it could be you charging through the awards!!



The point’s levels are:


25 miles


50 miles


75 miles


100 miles


150 miles


200 miles


250 miles