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BHS News.

One this page we will be showing up to date BHS notices related to Protecting Rights of Way.


Here is some useful information from BHS regarding the 2026 project to restore lost rights of way.





Also, with Brexit looming nearer, and farm subsidies unclear moving forward, BHS are urging members and affiliates to lobby their MP to get greater access to off road riding included as a part of any future scheme. Please everyone have a look, download the template, and email it to your MP.


The Agriculture Bill will set the agenda for the future of our countryside and we want to make sure that improving access to safe off-road riding and carriage driving is integral to it!


Please contact your local MP to support the BHS’s call for farmers and landowners to be paid to widen the network available to equestrians, and to help maintain the network as part of any future subsidy scheme under the Agriculture Bill.


A template letter can be downloaded from the BHS Website.


You can find your MP’s contact details on Write To Them or Parliament.uk.


They will be posting about this on the BHS Facebook page so please keep an eye out and share our posts with your friends/followers to help spread the word.

Jack Cornish, Don’t Lose Your Way Project Manager for the Ramblers, has prepared a webpage that signposts to local and national sources that might be helpful to a 2026 DMMO application: This is the website he has created to assist.


He is keen to hear from anyone if they think any sources are missing from the page, if so please email him at [email protected]


I hope this webpage will be useful to any of you involved in 2026 research and DMMOs. Remember we also have the BHS Project 2026 website. You can use it to record routes you believe need investigating for unrecorded rights of way and use it to compile evidence for a path. Each highway authority area shows routes for investigation on a map and has an associated database of research records (one for each route) and an evidence library.

Restoring the Record 2026

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